Sixt cooperates with Children’s clinical hospital

Sixt Latvia closely cooperates with Children’s clinical university hospital


In the framework of the social responsibility program „Drying little tears”, Sixt Latvia team visited the Children’s hospital which is the largest conglomerate medical institution for children in Latvia to watch the performance of a real magician, meet a funny cartoon character Goofy, enjoy the balloon animals and tasty muffins together with the little patients of Oncology ward.

For almost 10 years Sixt Latvia supports Children’s hospital in the framework of social responsibility program “Drying little tears” providing the transportation to the children who are allowed by the doctor to leave the hospital for a week or a weekend. Children are taken home using the same car and by the same driver, who is already known among the children.

This opportunity is important to the children and their parents because without this project many children who come from far- off districts of Latvia would not be able to get home during the time of illness which sometimes last even several years. Within the framework of the project for more than a year we are taking home children after serious operations to which it is not recommended to use the public transportation.

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